I mean, normally you just do something like a) select tracks, b) press "export stems" and done.

But because of Apple, now I do: "show headers: locking", then lock all tracks, then play so it "freezes" effects, then save, then in Finder "show package contents", then copy the tracks from "Media/Freeze files.nosync" somewhere safe. THANKS, that's intuitive.

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Doing the most boring job of exporting stems out of Garageband. Apple of course culled _that_ functionality out of it. Buy Logic!

Not bloody likely. Saying buh-bye to the Garageband projects in preparation of turning that old MBP into Manjaro box. Bye Apple, you suck.


“In the spring, stores sold out of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. This fall, they sold out of ammo.”

En yleensä jaa lintulinkkejä, mutta kun jaan, se on jostain kivasta syystä. Kivoja meemuja:


Ubiquity has some weak shit. Every time I update the controller, the whole network needs to be reset, one ap at the time. Luckily I only have 3. What a mistake to buy those.

Updated my home page, tossed out some 2000 lines of css (still left with way too much) and added some links. Not completely happy with the look right now, but I am happy there is no js or external font loading happening. Also enabled SSL cert with a click in Hetzner's admin console. So easy nowadays =)


The arrogance of Apple... critical system updates are over 3 GB downloads. Everyone has fiber, right?


Burn, Silicon Valley, burn.

Yeah, I think I will just concentrate on making music instead of spending my time moaning about slow internet speeds. Internet is shit anyway.

"You make me sick I make music" is Chris Cornells publishing company, by the way. I like the name.

So... this got resolved (heh, heh) by _disconnecting the ethernet cable_ going straight to my NAS, because for some reason resolved decided that it should be the default gateway. After I disconnected the cable, all is well.

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Aaaaaaand it seems to be a systemd-resolved problem, who'd guessed?

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Wut, suddenly my linux box can't connect to my house wifi, but phone shared wifi works fine? What is this new devilry?

Does anyone know the qemu option for increasing display memory to the virtio vga driver? Trying to run macos in qemu, and virtio driver works (for catalina), but doesn't allocate much ram.

I recently ordered a Clevo laptop from laptopwithlinux.com/ and I can recommend both.

Online configuration was one of the best I've seen, service was fast and friendly and the machine works 100% like it should. I got one with 32 GB RAM, Intel 10th gen i7, 1 TB m.2 SSD and RTX2060, for 1500 € + VAT.

If you are looking for heavier, linux friendly, desktop-alternative workstation laptops in Europe in particular, I recommend this.

It's this marine's opinion that all schools should only use emacs and all student's should roll their own software with emacs lisp. Oorah! Marines make GNU.

Here's an idea: organize some gender reveal parties in Silicon Valley.

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