Waiting for boarding... soon I'll be off this dirt ball for good.

Very fed up with Electron apps. Does anyone use nheko-reborn as matrix client? What's b0rken?

babymetal implies the existence of dadmetal and mommetal

humoristista disinformaatiota 

Kylmälaukun vastakohta?



No voihan! Sait syövän! Kuinka ikävä yllätys, näin kuumana kesäpäivänä.

Hmmm, I might need to actually do some maintenance on my bike, for the first time since I got it in 2015. Really, living in mudless paradise keeps bikes in great shape. I have literally only a) washed the bike yearly and b) turned the gear shifter barrel adjusters a half turn yearly, as maintenance.
Last ride, though, I felt a little creak/clunk from "somewhere in the drive train" on every pedal, so maybe it's time to clean and regrease everything.
SO DIFFERENT from riding in the North.

Went cycling a quick 35 km outing with 530 m climbing. Nice weather but need a lot of water.

drunken monkey linguistics 

The same people who came up with collective nouns came up with personal pronouns. Think about it!

A murder of crows! A wisdom of wombats!

Perhaps the Best bicycle touring videos, from Frans de fietser, the Horst Schimanski of bike touring in Russia: youtube.com/watch?v=rUBP9MK98K

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