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This thing arrived today! It works perfectly and sounds pretty good. It simplifies my system a lot: chromecast -> hdmi dac -> genelec 2.1 system and samsung monitor.

I baked this apparently Dwarven +banana bread+ that menaces with obsidian brutalism.

I was forced to ask two British fiber connection providers for coverage info, because in 2020 none of the large telecoms in Spain can deliver anything other than ADSL in the center of a regional capital. We had symmetric 300/300M fiber five years ago, one km away.

Went walking on the small mountain next to our house with Kaapo the dog. In the background is the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and foothills of the volcano Teide.

Recommendation for a Linux offline journal / notebook application: RedNotebook. rednotebook.sourceforge.io/

Simple, light, with good search and tagging facilities. I use it to follow my veggie gardening.

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