Haha, fuck your agreement, Microsoft

Fuck your agreement too, Google

Most of all, fuck you, Amazon

Elikkäs jos oisin risteyttelijä, niin risteyttäisin heti piekanan ja miekkavalaan. Siitä tulisi piekkakanas.

here's a shibboleth to weed out you anglo spies

sauna rösti smörgåsbord

Fans quieting down during installs in Linux: great! ... in Windows: OH PLS GOD WHAT'S WRONG NOW

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What, no, this is fine... been installing some .net thing or another in Wine for the past hour, how's your evening?

If I had a company, I would be very not willing to pay people to wait for Windows. All the time. All of them.

Shit big companies believe:
-vegetarians hate spices
-coeliacs hate cold beer and normal packaging sizes for beer

Hmmm, I should start looking for a new profile pic, the orange terror needs to be forgotten.

what's the last time you heard someone in a car play good music?

how long until netflix docu about zero fucks ever given?

My Ubiquity AP's are out of support and you can bet your dulcis nates my new hardware will come from some other company entirely. Never again.

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