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The (Manchester) Guardian 200 years. Nice little introduction to the very first issue:

Mobile optimized! Works well on my phone.

Новокузнецк, Кемеровская область | Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, 2005.
(c) Iliya Pilipenko

#closeuprussia #iliyapilipenko
#rf #photography #photo

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I belong to both risk groups simultaneously by having sleep apnea AND diabetes AND being seriously overweight.

So I got the vaccination before others. Felt like I _won_ something, tho that should only remind me about the importance of losing weight. (Which I’ve been doing too, honest! Skipping beer helps a lot alone. And walking to places is an easy way to exercise.) Both sleep apnea and diabetes were caused by my obesity.

Current vaccination level in attached (first dose).

I missed May Day Eve – normally a huge drinking fest here – by taking a little nap. It got completely out of control, and I woke up at midnight.

Now I'm trying to do the drinking alone one day late, while everyone else is in hangover & not interested in boozing at all. So I dunno... doesn't feel like worth it.

And ofc I already bought a shitload of beer.


In other news, I ate an overdose of onion soup yesterday evening. Then I farted so much during the night that I had to move sleeping on the living room sofa in the morning.

Woke up around 6 AM, and the smell brought me associations of a farting zombie dog.

This toot was delivered on need to know basis.

Behold! Another Komitea related band, Rane & Co. just launched their website:

Design: yours truly. Read: it was just a quick hack based on a ready-made WP theme. (Euphony, if you need to know.)

Annyways, Rane & Co. is a mighty cool blues band. Dig!

This is among the most important media files I have saved on my computer.

Because I’ve been asked so many times, here are my recommendations for iOS and iPadOS Mastodon apps.

Mastodon apps for iOS:

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