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A 1995 video trailer for (then upcoming) Parallax Software's Descent II. In glorious 320x200 resized to 2K.

'Trump Fans Charged In Capitol Attack Didn’t Like Antifa Getting Credit For Their Work'

In other words: "Our right-wingedly liberated Capitolium is not some damn autonomous social center!"

*sigh* For how long do you have to be in a day job to be able to climb out of the damn poorness hole???

Just paid the bills. And a some loans I had to take during my unemployment time. And then some. Fuck. But I'm glad I'm _finally_ able to pay them back, ofc.

We've been making unofficial Kivireki compilation cd's lately (while planning to publish our next release as an official cd or some kind of "physical" object (which ofc begs the question whether digital releases are "metaphysical", then?)).

Packaging has sometimes been... creative.

One caring Apollo with orphaned black rhino calf.
📸Sheldrick wildlife trust

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Kivireen biisintekomasiinasta pulpsahtelee uusia biisejä tiuhaa tahtia. Rupeamme kohtsillään äänittelemään seuraavaa julkaisua, josta olemme kaavailleet ihan lp-mittaista jopa.

Tässä maistiaisiksi tekeillä olevien biisien sanoituksia:

Pläkkikaupungin prinsessa,


... sekä Vihan lapsi mä oon.

(Viimeksimainittu saattaa joillekin olla tuttu myös Yhden miehen tungoksen runona.)

Васильсурск, Нижегородская область | Vasilsursk, Nizhny Novgorod region, 2013.
(c) Artem Lezhepekov

#closeuprussia #artemlezhepekov #rf #photography #photo

@russian_mastodon @rubot

Мурманск, Мурманская область | Murmansk, Murmansk region, 2017.
(c) Alexandra Denisova

#closeuprussia #alexandradenisova #rf #photography #photo

@rf @russian_mastodon @rubot

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