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We were followed by sea birds and purpose throughout our passage, ut eventually they all left. We were unkowingly approaching a massive fleet of chinese thrawlers 3000nm away from Japanese coast.

There would be 40 ish boats, lighting up the night sky. We could smell their engines before we could even see their black smoke.

After spending a long time at sea, with nothing but the sound of the waves, encountering commercial fishing liners was terrifying and made awfully sad.

anyone who's read Robert Anton Wilson's "Schrodinger's Cat" Trilogy will be flashing on President Furbish Lousewart on seeing this.

I'm a late convert to the fabulous British cop tv series Line of Duty, set in an anticorruption unit.

What suspense! Been binging two seasons of it now like a zombie. There's no other way of watching it. I absolutely cannot watch it just one episode per night. The cliffhangers are _intense_!

Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.

Next Komitea release comes out on Saturday: "Haybreak" by Le Modem.

You can listen to the album already here:

Haybreak serves gently surrealistic instrumental music for all elevators and department stores around the world.

The album will be available on all the digital music platforms on 1st of August – including Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Tidal.

Взморье, Сахалинская область | Vzmorie, Sakhalin region, 2015.
(c) Oleg Klimov

#closeuprussia #olegklimov
#rf #photography #photo


If invisible ink was so great, it would stay invisible

Our band Princes of Nigeria is back in business, after the break. Two gigs in near future.

Surprising how much you can forget in a four months rehearsal break. Chords, keys, song structures – even riffs of songs you've been playing for half a decade. Jebus!

Thankfully the groove was still there. That's the main thing, after all.

YMT dances with plague doctors!

The pandemic danse macabre funk by Yhden miehen tungos (“One Man Throng”) grabs you to the dancefloor, swirling with the plague doctor while wondering about the absurdity of our times.

Read more on Komitea site:

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