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Tbh, releasing the album already on Bandcamp was a bit of a fuck-up.

The plan was to put _only_ the cd there for now. Put it didn’t get listed on the merch page, if the related digital album was a ”draft” or a ”private” release.

So I tried making the digital album into a pre-order thingie. But Bandcamp’s pre-order setting UI is so confusing that I ended up releasing the digital version as well already.

But let’s call it The Bandcamp Exclusive Pre-Launch™, and act like all this was planned?

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Pssst, you can already order the Komitea 5 y compilation cd @

Officially out on Friday.

Komitea 5 years introductions, part V: Kivireki

We're today on gig too in Hard Rock House, Roihuvuori, Helsinki, w/Vapahtaja, Terveyskeskus and Dark Bottle. Du är hjärtligt välkommen!

Komitea 5 years introductions, part IV: Zaquatic

They just released a new single too, "Because I'm Black". Get it from

It's a good job sorting out moorings is so difficult because every time I visit the canal I want to get a barge.

#warsaw #refugees #borders

In Warsaw near Border Guard base people are leaving candles and and placards "you have blood on hands". "5. do not kill", "safe border is when nobody die there". Context of last: polish border guard is using on thier social medias the hashtag #safeborders...

#nooneisillegal #noborders #antifa #poland #161 #161crew #nonations #protest

- I love dictatorship
- Dictatorship of the proletariat?
- Dictatorship of the proletariat?


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