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Tallinn. Haven’t been here for - what - two years?

But Valli Baar was exactly the same as always. The only difference was probably that I was the only tourist in the bar this time. Usually a totally wasted Briton or two are falling off the chairs, at least.

So it was a very peaceful night. One brawl was about to break between two drunken regulars, but Urmas stopped it right away.

Valli Baar – I’ve missed you so!

New Komitea release, A Small Chronicle of Times and Spaces by Midstride Crisis serves some cinematic, scifi-esque soundscapes. Links to all digital music platforms here:

Read more about Midstride Crisis here:

The project's website is here:

Komitea 5 years compilation is in the mastering phase. (Mostly, at least.)

At some point we realised that we had several minutes of empty space on the cd left, so we asked our friends from Saint Petersburg and Szeged to also participate.

And suddenly we were about 3 minutes overtime.

Solution: instead of telling Hungarians or Russians that eeep! wait! sorry! we don’t have room for you guys after all, we dropped one of our own tracks.

Because that’s how fucking friendly we fucking Finns are.

Tuo oli tuoreehkossa Tylkkärissä, siis, tuo juttu 70-luvun maolaisskenestä Suomessa.

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Komitea – Big in Turku™!

(In Finnish & behind paywall. A (lousy) photo of the article attached.)

Медведь, Новгородская область | Medved', Novgorod region, 2016.
(c) Sofia Bulgakova

#closeuprussia #sofiabulgakova #rf #photography #photo

@rf @rubot

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