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In other news, today Komitea was interviewed by the main rag of SW Finland, Turun Sanomat, regarding the grant & 5 y compilation et al.

Thank god Princes of Nigeria lead singer Aino was there to provide some intelligent answers. I delivered just some incoherent mumbojumbo.

At some point Aino compared the loss of biodiversity to the plight of marginal music. I thought: "Whoa! I'd like to belong to a gang _that_ intelligent!".

Then I remembered that I already am the damn chairman of the thing.

The IBM 704. This computer sung Daisy Bell, which Arthur C. Clarke overheard while visiting a friend in the NACA building where it was located. This inspired the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where HAL 9000 sing the same song.

Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov looks out a window of Mir space station in this photo taken from Space Shuttle Discovery on February 6, 1995

I can’t tell if a recent conversation made me uncomfortable because it deeply challenged my thinking, or because the other party is wrong and I know it but I don’t want to think less of them.

Check out Takin by Zaquatic – the latest Komitea release:

Some tight grooves there. You're welcome.

Лесозаводский, Мурманская область | Lesozavodsky, Murmansk region, 2016.
(c) Alexandra Denisova

#closeuprussia #alexandradenisova #rf #photography #photo

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Серхио Ларрайн. Иран, 1959 г.

Sergio Larrain. Iran, 1959 Смятая постель. Подушка с вышитым вензелем и часы. Свет выхватывает из темноты следы недавнего присутствия человека. Фотограф, как зритель, смотрит на эту внезапно открывшуюся сцену, и камера фиксирует его случайный взгляд. Спонтанность делает фотографию незастывшей, кажется, что рамки кадра раздвигаются, и изображение постоянно меняется. Ремешок часов на переднем плане повторяет форму складок простыни. На часах три часа тридцать пять минут – середина ночи. Это указание времени, в сочетании с темнотой и гостиничным вензелем на подушке, рождает особые чувства: ночное ощущение зыбкости границ, неуверенности в видимом и тревожное одиночество.


A naive soldier saw a machine eating its own kind in the land where he used to live

disinfo joke 

in the early days of cryptocurrency mining was actually performed by hand: workers carefully reading printed tomes of prime numbers, multiplying them together and recording their answers in a shared ledger managed by a series of runners, known as the "product boys". efficiency has been improved with modern technology, making these jobs obsolete.

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