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Not communicating, minding their own business, doing some physics-defying moves every now & then?

Case closed: US navy pilots have just encountered some Finns.

Possibly drunk ones.

When a protest rally looks like a painting by Magritte.

Culture professionals and event organizers protested against unfair treatment during covid today in Helsinki, by the parliament house.

Covid regulations were meticulously followed.

Whoa, what an otherworldly picture of the bolsheviks! Looks like it was drawn by Enki Bilal.

Mara Balls blessed us with a chilled-out semi-acoustic gig at the Komitea Club in Pikku-Torre, Turku, back in February 2019.

The British airship R33 in its hangar as it prepares for its first-ever flight at an aerodrome in Barlow, Yorkshire. 1919

#vintage #history #photography

Komitea got moolah from the Turku 2029 Foundation:

The article still only in Finnish, so here’s a summary:
– We applied for making a 5 year celebration compilation cd
– We got 3500 e
– With that kind of money, we’re also able to advertise the cd properly
– Not to mention celebrating the 5 y birthday with a gala evening
– We’re also gonna announce Komitea’s Official South-Western Coast Artist of the Year & Non-South-Western Coast Artist of the Year

That about sums it up.

net stream from Cosmic Comic Cafe, Turku, will start 19:30 Finnish time (GMT+3).

Tune in @

You can already send in your vogon poetry to be recited in the show. Mail your sheiße to

Confirmed unidentified aerial phenomena? Check.

Ok, the obvious conclusion is that The Culture has finally arrived. And the most important next question is: What is the name of the mothership of these drones?

Some choices:

– The Melancholy of Guiding Imbecile Sub-Species
– The Great Filter Is My Second Name
– Unidentified Burial Phenomenon
– Extinction Exhibition
– It Would Be Sad If Anything Happened to Your Nice Little Planet Here
– Amaze-A-Monkey
– The Nonchalance

We’ve been celebrating the at Cosmic Comic Cafe, , , for 15 years now.

That first bad poetry matinea
back in 2006 was supposed to be a one-off thing

But for a long time the show has been mandatory. Skipping a year is _not_ an option. No matter what weekday The Towel Day happens to land on.

I just fucking love froods. They will always come.

My Eternal Guitar Idol & Guru™, Tokela from Melrose, guides an aspiring young player from countryside Finland:

(In Finnish.)

For a crash course into Melrose’s music, try this:

(Music video directed by Aki Kaurismäki, btw.)

Idea for laptop manufacturers: measure laptop performance in "Chromiums compiled per charge". The number will probably be between 0 and 1.
This metric takes into account battery life, multithreaded CPU performance, RAM, and current levels of software bloat.
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