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Grabbed some house plants from Ikea. While driving, we considered reasons why they were so cheap there:

- The plants were grown by Chinese child slaves...
- ... and watered by their tears.
- ... while they had to sing national socialist songs in praise of Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad.
- The kids were also given electric shocks if the quarterly plant growing goals were not met.
- ... and if failing to do all above, they were crushed into fertilizer ingredients .
- ... by the other child slaves.

#skull #painting done on black butcher block paper, sometime in 2017, when I first graduated to #Artist in Residence at Local Color SJ. #dtsj #art #mastoart

My vacuum robot got tangled up in the wiring of my helium neon laser.

When I was a kid, this was exactly how I imagined the future to be.

Damn daytime job has mutated my normal circadian rhythm of "going to bed somewhere around 4-5 o'clock in the morning and waking up about 2 PM" into the unnatural "pass out by midnight, wake up 1 min before the alarm rings at 8 o'clock" cycle.

And the same cycle continues through the weekends now as well.

It's _perverted_, I say!

More on the subject:

Oh boy. This guy tears the whole thing apart completely. And has tons of fun while doing it.

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Another day, another website built for another veterinarian... or so I thought, until I actually checked out, what the hell is "craniosacral therapy":

Ok, maybe it's utter humbug but it doesn't hurt anyone, I thought... until I read: "CST (...) can be harmful, particularly if used on children or infants." (...) "There have been cases of people with head injuries suffering further injury as a result of CST."

INFANTS? But these guys are doing it to HORSES!

Oh, humanity.

There was a technical glitch in the bell ringing mechanism of Turku Cathedral, causing it to chime through the night.

I live quite near to the church, and ofc my first association was: "That's it! Now the plague has started _for real_!"

Me, recording an additional acoustic guitar track for a song on the upcoming Kivireki album. My facial expressions reveal every missed beat.

Why do bicycles fall over?

Because they are two-tired

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