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Wendy Carlos, early prolific synth centric score producer and personal trans hero talking about her Moog Modular for nearly 4 minutes.

Your welcome:

"He Walked by Night" (1948)

This movie is an overlooked film noir gem. It is a police procedural, filmed in a documentary style. The plot describes a lone killer who outsmarts the police at every turn. A dedicated officer (Scott Brady), relentlessly investigating details, gives authorities some hope of catching the ruthless psychopath (chillingly portrayed by Richard Basehart).

Great cinematography, as always, by John Alton.

If you like film noir, don't miss this movie.

#films #movies

Верхняя Ельшанка, Волгоградская область | Upper Elshanka, Volgograd region, 2014.
(c) Evgeniy Petrachkov

#closeuprussia #evgeniypetrachkov #rf #photography #photo

@rf @rubot

Diggin' The Modern Lovers' protopunk from mid-70s. Fukin awesome! A bit like The Stooges without fuzz pedal. Or VU with better groove & sounds.

Or... Velvet Underground fronted by Iggy Pop?

Thanks, & Clay Pigeon's Wake N Bake show. That station just keeps on givin'.

english ppl be like "you think I'm from lancastbrigton? how DARE you I'm from birmingfordhambury"

Сызрань, Самарская область | Sizran, Samara region, 2017.
(c) Sergey Trapezin

#closeuprussia #sergeitrapezin #rf #photography #photo

@rf @rubot

Some fresh-ish hip-hop from Turku area. (In , naturligtvis.) Lawrence at Komitea Club in the autumn of 2019.

I just hate it when some Rando comes up to me on the streets and starts talking about his throbbing justice.

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