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The French military says it seized 6 tons of cocaine with an estimated value of up to 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) from a cargo ship traveling off the west coast of Africa.

French navy seizes six tons of cocaine off African coast | CGTN Africa

Facebook is asking Congress to pass a law that cements its market dominance. Lawmakers must reject the proposal out of hand.

Варзуга, Мурманская область | Varzuga, Murmansk region, 2016.
(c) Sergey Trapezin

#closeuprussia #sergeitrapezin #rf #photography #photo

@rf @rubot

Does anyone know of other projects like CollapseOS and that are developing systems for futures where current (network) infrastructures have stopped functioning?

You can browse the complete tracklisting of Princes playlist here...

... in a couple of different formats (txt, json, xml, csv, urls, xsfp)...

... if you're so inclined.

Current track count: 3060.

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(The Spotify list is the master. Others are mirrors of that.)

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Ravintola Kaisaniemi elää!

Oli lempilounasmestojani Hgissä asuessani. Tunnelmallinen kuin mikä.

Erityis-diggety-diggailuni kohdistuu ravintolasalin katon läpi kasvavaan puuhun.

Jos nyt hakemalla hakee jotain negatiivista sanottavaa mestasta, niin lounaat tuppasivat venymään usein tuntien mittaisiksi, kun eihän sieltä viitsinyt millään palata johonkin hevonvitun lasiteräsavokonttoriin.

Kickass tunes added to our gigantic / / / / / / etc playlist.

Check out fresh songs by Leenalchi and Osibisa - and some deep funk classics by RAMP, Odetta, Herbie Hancock & others.

The 8 y old list is still growing every other day or so. Includes ofc music by our own projects.

You can throw in your own songs on the collaborative Spotify list.

It's kinda nice to not have to hear / read about a big racist American president every day of my life.

Weird how Biden is in office, the front page headlines are taken up by other stories instead and I haven't thought about America in ages.

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