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The domestic robot's lidar has detected evidence of a mirror universe.

This photo by Chris Niedenthal was taken at the beginning of martial law in communist Poland, in 1981.

It is packed with symbolism. The armored personnel carrier is in the foreground, on the backdrop of the "Moskwa" ("Moscow") cinema with Apocalypse Now banner (translated in Polish as "Time of Apocalypse").

It became an icon, a screenshot of the political moment.

Insane how much better-tasting even boring fish fingers suddenly are if you throw a couple of Russian pickles to the side.

Then again, shitty Russian pickles can ruin souls & turn ppl into QAnon cultists.

But good ones, O Lord! Heavenly.

This is my favorite thing all year


❄️🐼 Slides, somersaults and pure panda joy. Happy snow day from giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian! 🌨🐾
. . .
#SnowDay #PandaStory

Vad är bröllopssoppa och vad gör den i Tyskland 🤔

A friend of mine told me that didn’t suit him at all. It just made him drink twice as much as usual, since the drug dampened the drunk euphoria. :-P

Oh, it’s with an e på engelska.

Anyway, it passed the test yesterday. Took 4 beers. Didn’t feel like taking yet another, but didn’t feel forced not to either. So I passed the next round.

Still it was a nice evening w/friends.

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