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Hundreds of dead birds litter Rome street after they were scared to death by New Year's Eve fireworks despite ban.

Fuckin people

Giving new life to Nazi helmets as piss-pots. Denmark, 1946.

ukpol adjacent 

I think this is the most accurate ad I've ever seen

Having a morning beauty dump on the windy island of Jurmo.

Blowing 14 m/s and getting stronger. Shit doesn’t stay where you left it, unless you tie it to something.

Thank god actual shit is an exception to the rule.

(This fresh information was delivered to you by The International Agency™.)

I suppose I should be all emergency panicky bcos of this unnaturally autumny here in outer ...

... but what a lovely, sunny day for a little walk to the other side of island it was!

Mixed feelings, to say the least.

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