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Взморье, Сахалинская область | Vzmorie, Sakhalin region, 2015.
(c) Oleg Klimov

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If invisible ink was so great, it would stay invisible

Our band Princes of Nigeria is back in business, after the break. Two gigs in near future.

Surprising how much you can forget in a four months rehearsal break. Chords, keys, song structures – even riffs of songs you've been playing for half a decade. Jebus!

Thankfully the groove was still there. That's the main thing, after all.

YMT dances with plague doctors!

The pandemic danse macabre funk by Yhden miehen tungos (“One Man Throng”) grabs you to the dancefloor, swirling with the plague doctor while wondering about the absurdity of our times.

Read more on Komitea site:

Related: Paradox showcases his live gear in 2009.

And whaddayaknow, Amiga 500 running OctaMED is the heart of setup.

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Live & learn! I wasn't aware that good ol' – the – was so popular in the early scene.

For example...

(Only first 1½ min of the vid is interview, the rest is just some random, old & unrelated mod.)

Rediscovering my almost three decades old love for United Future Organization.

Groovy shit. And what a smoothie maelstrom of influences & samples! :D

Capitalism destroys individualism by assigning value to work based on the exchange value assigned to it collectively by the participants of the markets.

Any individualistic endeavors that do not produce market value are strictly discouraged by capitalism.

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