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youtube views and instagram likes has really skewed with our perception of audience size. so many things arent considered a success unless they crack 100k or 1mil and like ????

a sold out game at Dodger Stadium is 56k seats

a sold out game at the Staples Center, 20k seats

The Greek Theater 5,800 seats

Orpheum Theater 2,000 seats

El Rey theater 200 seats

like.. even if you arent pulling a mil, there's still entire crammed buildings worth of people looking at your content

If the one thing keeping you from looking into DYING IN SPACE (the only RPG that guarantees that everyone dies in space) was that no one would read our marketing copy to you... oh buddy. You're in for a treat.

Courtesy of @magical :

Once that has convinced you, you can find the game here:

Today, I learned about the Brazilian anti-cancer mascot named Senhor Testiculo, a.k.a. Mr. Balls.

I'm still very much confused by this.

I think I'm gonna get my long hair chopped off today. It's kinda gross to find my shed long hairs everywhere, it's a PITA to travel with, and it gets in my face. I don't intend to shave my head, but something almost as drastic.

Finally a killer!

’ Botnet is a social network simulator where you're the only human along with a million bots who are obsessed with you. ’

2/2 Thankfully there are options. Real time chat existed before facebook messenger/whatsapp. Email existed before gmail. Social media existed before myspace. Unless you use federated or decentralized services you will loose your social web again and again as each company dies.

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1/2 Walled gardens are not a good option in the long term, myspace anybody? All the large platforms people use today are only here to make shareholders money. Non-chronological feeds and fake notifications are put in place to decieve users into seeing ads and spending more time.

Sitting in Kerttu & finally editing the music video for Kivireki’s song ”Kivettynyt Stahanov”. It was shot almost a year ago during our Trans-Mongolian trip.

During the trip, I tried to hunt down an actual statue in , but in vain. The Muscovite one widely advertised on the interwebs had been removed recently, I found out.

Or maybe it was just taken for a repair, or something? There was an abundance of all the _other_ commie statues everywhere, so why take down only Stakhanov?

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