Komitea 5 years introductions, part IV: Zaquatic


They just released a new single too, "Because I'm Black". Get it from komitea.fi/becauseimblack

It's a good job sorting out moorings is so difficult because every time I visit the canal I want to get a barge.

#warsaw #refugees #borders

In Warsaw near Border Guard base people are leaving candles and and placards "you have blood on hands". "5. do not kill", "safe border is when nobody die there". Context of last: polish border guard is using on thier social medias the hashtag #safeborders...

#nooneisillegal #noborders #antifa #poland #161 #161crew #nonations #protest

- I love dictatorship
- Dictatorship of the proletariat?
- Dictatorship of the proletariat?


Новая выставка в галерее - Сергей Рогожкин "Петербург"


"Несмотря на многослойную сложность композиции, в этих снимках присутствует легкость, будто бы они сделаны “ по дороге”, а не появились в результате кропотливого труда. Петербург на снимках Рогожкина, это не город “петербургского фотографического канона”: романтических крыш и каналов, угрюмых дворов и людей и облупившейся помпезности. Его город - пространство бесшабашной энергии праздника, карнавала, иронии и, иногда, беспричинной грусти."

Выставка доступна до 10.10.21

!! Внимание! Просмотр доступен только с планшетов и ПК !!

#photography #photo

... and many other radios as well. And we're hoping that we finally manage to get our music reviewed somewhere else too than on desibeli.net.

(Which is a nice local indie music site, but only musicians read it.)

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... and here's the baby! The English title is: "Komitea – Summary: The First Five-Year Plan 2016–2021"

And yes, there actually _is_ an English title too: if you flip over the cover booklet, you'll find it.

Since we already got nicely airtime on , New Jersey, we are quite optimistic in getting more freeform radio airtime with this compilation.

Hence the bilingual cd booklet. (Also the very reason we did cd's at all was that WFMU won't play your stuff if you just email them some mp3's.)

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Association's 5 y party gets nearer and nearer. Last week we started a bi-weekly video introduction series of all the artists included on the compilation.

So far we've introduced Midstride Crisis...

... Rane & Co...

... and Veljekset Perse.

Still 14 to go!

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