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Соловецкие острова, Архангельская область | Solovetsky Islands, Arkhangelsk Region, 2006
(c) Iliya Pilipenko

#closeuprussia #iliyapilipenko
#rf #photography


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Could go to a cafe and do some work. But to be able to do that I should have ~2 euros, so I could purchase a cup of coffee. Which I don't have.

It occurred to me that in Soviet Union I wouldn't have this problem. I'd have approximately ~345662.40 roubles any given time.

The cafe might not have coffee, tho.

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You are all now aware that the Skeleton Panda Sea Squirt is a thing.

Awesome bw photos from 90s by Igor Mukhin. loeildelaphotographie.com/en/p

I especially dug the "youngsters kissing while the old lady digs a dumpster" photo.

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@Nikolai_Kingsley Exercising this question will add the missing minutes.

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Just order the sex toy, they said.

Ships in discreet, non-obvious packaging, they said.

@matt My bandmate got recently little carried away with a dymo label maker.

After his wife got pissed off by finding a dymo marking on the wall stating ”wall”, he confessed he had marked the floor as well with a ”floor” label.

But _that_ had felt stupid, and he stopped.

w00t! Also YMT's (Do the) Outbreakdance was played on the same show.


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Rev. Gata of the Church of the SubGenius knows two things:

1. If you want to be "saved" you have to save yourself. Don't wait for the preacher man, just jump in there.

2. It's not easy! Sometimes you just have to hold your breath and keep swimming! But you'll make it.

:jrbd: 😸 🛐 subgenius.com

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