This is the statue called "Vahva" ("Strong"), dedicated to Armas Puolimatka, who(se company) built the first modern suburb in , . (And several others in subsequent years.)

For a non-figurative statue, it's strangely figurative.

Second corona walk at the outskirts of .

To be honest, _these_ neighbourhoods looks about the same with or without ... but the railway station was again strikingly empty for a regular Tursday 2 o'clock PM.

Heading soon for another photo hunting mission into the neutron bombed city of .

recording the Halal Seitan ep in Raunistula, . Except for @mqsto, who was in self-quarantine.

And I'm not in the picture, because I'm this side of the lens.

Wohoo! Recognized the place in the picture immediately. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Archipelago. (If you zoom in, you'll actually see "Elektra, Turku" text on the side of the ferry.)

Or to be precise, I'm not sure if the ferry is in Parainen or Nauvo. But thinking about it, I think that's the Parainen ferry beach.

Ahem, interesting news story too...

Kivireki's Tervanjuoja ep is out!


Before we even saw coming, we made the title song to celebrate everyday misery.

On the ep we also nod to the late -based electronic music guru Mika Vainio, because that's what every acoustic band should do.

Not to mention monstertruckin' in Runosmäki.

Enjoy, it’s time to suffer!

Kivireki rec blaa blaa 

Got new mixes from Jussi Ö. What a lovely lo-fi sound!

Also, this might be the first time you'll hear experimental electronic sounds in an acoustic blues/heavy rock song. But coming from , of course we want to celebrate late Mr. Vainio somehow.

Jussi's managed to summon up some _very_ Pan Sonic -ish sounds there!

Matti Kassilan pitkä dokkari Turusta, Helsingistä ja Tampereesta, 1961:

Turku-osuus katsottu. Aika hemmetin hyvää kuvausta. Yllättävän paljon kamera-ajoja. Selostus taas on niin teennäistä sheibaa, että sitä kuunnellessa kiemurtelee vaivaantuneena.

menee yli mittarin Turun kauppatori -jaksossa. Niin, nyt meillä on se vitun siellä. Ties kuinka monta vuotta.

Ok, let's try a proper ...

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