The Third DJ War™ between DJ Sad Vicious and yours truly today 21:00 (GTM +3) @

Featuring VJ Long John Silverscreen!

Ha! Our Sunday's set is 8th on both and charts @ Mixcloud – with only 22 plays!

What the hell? ... :D

Gang of Four guitarist Andy Gill has died.

One of those guys with _really_ original sound. Gill mixed influences with in a unique way. To some people his guitar sound felt like he was ripping fillings off their teeth. To others (including me) it sounded absolutely gorgeous.

Check out our massive / / / / / / / playlist on Spotify!

@kirjis and me have been carefully building it for ~7 years now. There's about a week's worth of music on the list, but it's still growing every other day or so.

And it's a collaborative list, so feel free to throw in your favorite funky tunes. (No complete albums, plz.)

First band rehearsal after Christmas / New Year break. Cheez, my hand surely wants to remind me that I just played some .

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