At some point a week or two ago the colossal / / / / / / etc playlist by @kirjis and me turned 8 years old! 🥂🥳🍾🎉

It’s still growing every other day or so. (Deezer & YouTube mirrors once a week.)

Includes music by our own projects (ofc). On Spotify, feel free to throw in your favorite funky tunes. (No complete albums or ep's, plz.)

@kirjis Note that the "etc" part is quite wide too, including , , , and whatnot.

We haven't been too dogmatic with styles. But is the rug that ties the room together, so to speak.

YMT dances with plague doctors!

The pandemic danse macabre funk by Yhden miehen tungos (“One Man Throng”) grabs you to the dancefloor, swirling with the plague doctor while wondering about the absurdity of our times.

Read more on Komitea site:

Read a profile article about Sanna Marin, the current prime minister of Finland, on the new issue of Helsingin Sanomat Kuukausiliite.

Interesting & well-written etc, etc... but the _main_ thing that grabbed my attention was this:

Sanna Marin digs RATM & .


Our May Day eve war special is now available @

Lots of 70s Finnish commie tunes (remixes and originals). Of course not forgetting , and all the other 'al fetishes of ours.

Approved by comrade Uljanov.

Hooray! Worry no more! We’re gonna take care of the soundtrack for your May Day eve.

Tune in 21 o’clock (GMT+3) @

You can look at this cute cat while waiting.

Now there's also a YouTube mirror of our gigantic / / / playlist:

~2400 songs synced. New tunes about three times a week on average. Subscribe now or risk never being funky!

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