Kickass tunes added to our gigantic / / / / / / etc playlist.

Check out fresh songs by Leenalchi and Osibisa - and some deep funk classics by RAMP, Odetta, Herbie Hancock & others.

The 8 y old list is still growing every other day or so. Includes ofc music by our own projects.

You can throw in your own songs on the collaborative Spotify list.

Our band Princes of Nigeria is back in business, after the break. Two gigs in near future.

Surprising how much you can forget in a four months rehearsal break. Chords, keys, song structures – even riffs of songs you've been playing for half a decade. Jebus!

Thankfully the groove was still there. That's the main thing, after all.

Hooray! Worry no more! We’re gonna take care of the soundtrack for your May Day eve.

Tune in 21 o’clock (GMT+3) @

You can look at this cute cat while waiting.

The Third DJ War™ between DJ Sad Vicious and yours truly today 21:00 (GTM +3) @

Featuring VJ Long John Silverscreen!

Princes of Nigeria tries out new guitarist 

Listening to Princes of Nigeria's rehearsal recordings with the new guitarist candidate Jukka.

Sounds good!

Here's a little test bite, if you're interested:

^^^ We were figuring out what Jukka should play in the chorus and bridge of Alan Pozzer – and how much I should reduce my stuff to make room for him. I'm on the left and Jukka on the right.

Wrong notes and rhythmic mishaps are on the house!

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