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In the school we had to make an ad that as closely as possible mimiced the layout of some real ad. This is what I came up with.

The real one is a full-page advertisement for a rifle in a Finnish hunting & fishing magazine.

Both are in , but I'm sure you'll get the drift.

Aaaawwwww... in an early Black Sabbath band photo Ozzy looks like a sensitive poet boy.

Fuk. My phone took the one dive to the ground too many today...

Shit. Couldn't really afford a new phone right now... Not even a cheap one.

To answer my own question: in this case no.

The requests made with Solar2d native MapView are listed as the non-free “Maps JavaScript API” calls at Google. (See the attached image.) You get free maps requests for 300 € when you register, but that gets used pretty fast.

Damn. So we need to do the hand-drawn map pic anyway.

Naively I expected the Solar2d native map api requests to register as “Maps SDK for Android” calls – which would be free of charge – but no. I wonder why it’s this way, tho.

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Greetings from Saariselkä, !

^^^ Text in Finnish, but there's also a bunch photos, including some very silenthill-esque pix from foggy Kaunispää fjeld. Here's a couple of them attached.

A friend of mine found a children's book from his attic. Printed in 1953 in Karelia. It's full of fairytales about . In .


Shirt! Did happen!

Appropriately grey Komitea t-shirt for heavy duty partying. Portrays a halftoned picture of the Central Committee of the Soviet Union Communist Party.

Gildan heavy cotton. Comes with the latest Komitea release. Currently "Le Bob" by Kumikäki.

Kivireki's "Halal seitan" ep is _finally_ in the release pipeline. Gonna come out in ~ 2 weeks, on Fri 28th.

The delay was _of course_ completely tactical! While waiting, Spotify expanded to Russia & bunch of East European countries.

@closeuprussia might wanna tip Artem Lezhepekov! ;)

Annyways, if any of you find yourselves in Turku, Finland in the end of the month, drop in at @ Masan Baari, Tampereentie 5. We'll start playing at 8 PM. Free admission.

Related! I was taken with the way how those characters said "bent bastard!" with total disgust.

Here's my little mashup of my favorites.

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Next Komitea release comes out on Saturday: "Haybreak" by Le Modem.

You can listen to the album already here:

Haybreak serves gently surrealistic instrumental music for all elevators and department stores around the world.

The album will be available on all the digital music platforms on 1st of August – including Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and Tidal.

Summery release flood at Komitea!

- July 17th: (Do the) Outbreakdance by Yhden miehen tungos
- Aug 1st: Haybreak by Le Modem
- August: Halal seitan by Kivireki
- August: Le Bob by Kumikäki

Available on everything – Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, JioSaavn, whathaveyou.

Become a supporting member of Komitea to get early access to our releases.

How, you ask? Donate to via PayPal, and your soul will be saved.

Greetings from the People's Comissar of Food Production Troops!

Picture from the elevator in my new home building. The scratched text on the metal says "PIRITALO" which means "SPEED HOUSE".

Note also the grungy door in the hallway. No idea what’s its story. Nobody seems to live there now.

... but it's been very peaceful and cozy here, so far. Moved in a week ago.

This is the statue called "Vahva" ("Strong"), dedicated to Armas Puolimatka, who(se company) built the first modern suburb in , . (And several others in subsequent years.)

For a non-figurative statue, it's strangely figurative.

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