Yeaah... I wish I could just hitchhike away from this shitstorm...

Ha! Our Sunday's set is 8th on both and charts @ Mixcloud – with only 22 plays!

What the hell? ... :D

set done. We had like, what, one listener, or thereabouts, but it was fun. :-P

We also got a takedown notice from YouTube. Was pretty dumb to use that as one of the channels here... Switched to Twitch. (In addition to of course.)

Back online next Wed 21:00 (GMT+3).

Here's what the setup looked like at my end in Audio Hijack. Vivaldi was @sadvicious' stream (via Twitch). I switched to that after my part was over.

Vladimir Vysotsky's grave in .

It's there:

Quite close to the gate, straight ahead and to the right after the building in the picture, IIRC.

Things that pop in your mind while half asleep, half waking up...

Like this Russian wordplay I thought I'd invented all by myself in my dream... But of course it's so obvious I found thousands versions of it on Yandex img search.

Also, it seems my Russian – stored somewhere in the back in my brain – is so rusty nowadays that I can access it only in dreams.

Me 29 years ago. At a band rehearsal, where else.

What a nerd. :-P

The Telecaster in the pic had super crisp sound, which suited my already soul & funk inspired style well. (Tho we played indie rock at the time.) A couple of years later I’d smash it to the stage on a gig.

I also played a bit drums those days. But it required much deeper devotion, so soon I left it behind.

The band’s name was Jyrki Kuri & Kommunistit – something like ”George Discipline & The Communists” in English.

Kivireki's Tervanjuoja ep is out!


Before we even saw coming, we made the title song to celebrate everyday misery.

On the ep we also nod to the late -based electronic music guru Mika Vainio, because that's what every acoustic band should do.

Not to mention monstertruckin' in Runosmäki.

Enjoy, it’s time to suffer!

Was looking for something else in the hard drive when I stumbled upon a pic of Belinda, my late .

Belinda, sob... 😢 ... I still miss her.

Just crammed the next Komitea release by Kivireki into the publishing pipeline at our aggregator web site.

You'll notice a familiar (half-)face from my profile avatar in the cover photo. The pic was taken in Mongolia last year.

Kivireki's Tervanjuoja ep will be released on 18th of March. Welcome to the release gig @ Minibar, Helsinki, 21st of March!

BTW @closeuprussia, had to re-schedule publishing plans a bit. Artem Lezhepekov's photo will be used w/next Kivireki release later in the spring!

Got the sleep apnea gear finally. Yay! Imma sleep like a mot— I mean... sleeping... beauty? (Pictured.)

New Komitea single out!

Veljekset Perse – Setä Setämies

On their new single Veljekset Perse grabs the proverbial white hetero guy by the balls and deeply relates to his pain in modern times. Musically the song gallops away with the trademark V/P sound. Brothers in Arse know their rock’n’roll business!

If they'll let me into with this photo in my visa, I can get in anywhere.

Shoving the next release into the publishing pipeline @ had a bumpy road.

1st cover pic was refused cos it was too pixelated. It was shitty _on purpose_, mind you, but okok, we changed the picture.

Was refused again: "If I scale it up to checking size (100% Zoom) the letters are pixelated".

Corrected the title. Finally all ok. Hit the release button...

... with the _wrong_ mastering of the song. D'OH! Thankfully Feiyr allowed me to update it after releasing.

A couple of from , , . These were actually taken in mid-October, just before the season opened at the resort.

Got strong nuclear winter vibes there. Nobody around. Just me and three hundred tons of snow.

More pix here:

Ok, let's try a proper ...

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