Komitea 5 years introductions, part IV: Zaquatic


They just released a new single too, "Because I'm Black". Get it from komitea.fi/becauseimblack

... and here's the baby! The English title is: "Komitea – Summary: The First Five-Year Plan 2016–2021"

And yes, there actually _is_ an English title too: if you flip over the cover booklet, you'll find it.

Since we already got nicely airtime on , New Jersey, we are quite optimistic in getting more freeform radio airtime with this compilation.

Hence the bilingual cd booklet. (Also the very reason we did cd's at all was that WFMU won't play your stuff if you just email them some mp3's.)

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Meanwhile in Kohvik Narva, . Suddenly there were a couple of pidgeons strutting around.

Nobody panicked over pidgeons in the cafe. Staff just kept door open & patiently waited the birds to leave on their own. Customers reacted to them like they were regulars.

So non-Finland.

For scale: That boxy green thing to the left from the stage is a four-storey building. The stage can host 10000 choir singers.

New Komitea release, A Small Chronicle of Times and Spaces by Midstride Crisis serves some cinematic, scifi-esque soundscapes. Links to all digital music platforms here:


Read more about Midstride Crisis here: komitea.fi/en/2021/08/15/midst

The project's website is here:

Komitea – Big in Turku™! ts.fi/kulttuuri/5369194/

(In Finnish & behind paywall. A (lousy) photo of the article attached.)

Got my second injection. I’m now a fully vaccinated doggo! So, am I allowed to bite every random encounter again, then? Vuff!

Also got a pro-vaccination badge. (In the pic.)

Check out Takin by Zaquatic – the latest Komitea release: komitea.fi/takin

Some tight grooves there. You're welcome.

In Kupittaa Park there are trees dedicated to all the sister cities of , including...

When a protest rally looks like a painting by Magritte.

Culture professionals and event organizers protested against unfair treatment during covid today in Helsinki, by the parliament house.

Covid regulations were meticulously followed.

Whoa, what an otherworldly picture of the bolsheviks! Looks like it was drawn by Enki Bilal.

I belong to both risk groups simultaneously by having sleep apnea AND diabetes AND being seriously overweight.

So I got the vaccination before others. Felt like I _won_ something, tho that should only remind me about the importance of losing weight. (Which I’ve been doing too, honest! Skipping beer helps a lot alone. And walking to places is an easy way to exercise.) Both sleep apnea and diabetes were caused by my obesity.

Current vaccination level in attached (first dose).

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