Greetings from the People's Comissar of Food Production Troops!

Picture from the elevator in my new home building. The scratched text on the metal says "PIRITALO" which means "SPEED HOUSE".

Note also the grungy door in the hallway. No idea what’s its story. Nobody seems to live there now.

... but it's been very peaceful and cozy here, so far. Moved in a week ago.

This is the statue called "Vahva" ("Strong"), dedicated to Armas Puolimatka, who(se company) built the first modern suburb in , . (And several others in subsequent years.)

For a non-figurative statue, it's strangely figurative.

It just occurred to me that we have a forgotten goth rock star here!

Some photos of Mikko from last Saturday, recording his parts for upcoming Kivireki ep.

Corona spring has disrupted our "all live" method a bit, so Mikko's guitars are recorded separately this time.

It seems that ep's release date is slipping into summer. But it's coming!

Our May Day eve war special is now available @

Lots of 70s Finnish commie tunes (remixes and originals). Of course not forgetting , and all the other 'al fetishes of ours.

Approved by comrade Uljanov.

Hooray! Worry no more! We’re gonna take care of the soundtrack for your May Day eve.

Tune in 21 o’clock (GMT+3) @

You can look at this cute cat while waiting.

Second corona walk at the outskirts of .

To be honest, _these_ neighbourhoods looks about the same with or without ... but the railway station was again strikingly empty for a regular Tursday 2 o'clock PM.

No vihdoin! Olen jo vuosia ihmetellyt, miksei kukaan tartu näin ilmeiseen sanaleikkimahdollisuuteen.

Spotify is soon to be dropped as a source in Djay Pro.

But for switchers they offer 90 days of free Tidal:

I decided to give it a go.

It works as expected... almost. No BPMs! With Tidal you have to manually go through your whole library and load everything once on a deck in Djay for analyzing.

Sigh. But I'll take this as an opportunity to double-check the BPMs. For or or any rhythmically complex music, auto BPM values are often off.

recording the Halal Seitan ep in Raunistula, . Except for @mqsto, who was in self-quarantine.

And I'm not in the picture, because I'm this side of the lens.

Yeaah... I wish I could just hitchhike away from this shitstorm...

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