Check out Takin by Zaquatic – the latest Komitea release:

Some tight grooves there. You're welcome.

In Kupittaa Park there are trees dedicated to all the sister cities of , including...

When a protest rally looks like a painting by Magritte.

Culture professionals and event organizers protested against unfair treatment during covid today in Helsinki, by the parliament house.

Covid regulations were meticulously followed.

Whoa, what an otherworldly picture of the bolsheviks! Looks like it was drawn by Enki Bilal.

I belong to both risk groups simultaneously by having sleep apnea AND diabetes AND being seriously overweight.

So I got the vaccination before others. Felt like I _won_ something, tho that should only remind me about the importance of losing weight. (Which I’ve been doing too, honest! Skipping beer helps a lot alone. And walking to places is an easy way to exercise.) Both sleep apnea and diabetes were caused by my obesity.

Current vaccination level in attached (first dose).

Kickass tunes added to our gigantic / / / / / / etc playlist.

Check out fresh songs by Leenalchi and Osibisa - and some deep funk classics by RAMP, Odetta, Herbie Hancock & others.

The 8 y old list is still growing every other day or so. Includes ofc music by our own projects.

You can throw in your own songs on the collaborative Spotify list.

We've been making unofficial Kivireki compilation cd's lately (while planning to publish our next release as an official cd or some kind of "physical" object (which ofc begs the question whether digital releases are "metaphysical", then?)).

Packaging has sometimes been... creative.

Me coming back from Jurmo after our Christmas retreat a week ago.

My own knit cap was too small for my head (!), so I switched it with a cottage mate. Hers fit perfectly to my head, and mine to hers.

I had some little stylistic reservations, tho.

to Unesco’s list of cultural heritage!

Great & righteous! But is banya there too? And what about saun? Both of these ppl are at least as mad-hat sauna/saun/banya’ers as we are! (In the case of Russian variation, the hat thing is to be taken literally.)

This accessibility thing works really well, don’t you think @tootapp, especially for accessing pictures?

Why not just straight out disable picture support whatsoever and be done with it?

Neuvostoliitossa konsumerismikin oli isompaa!

(Yury Shikalovin kirjasta "Markat, farkut ja sukkahousut – Laiton kauppa ja länsimuodin lumo Neuvostoliitossa")

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