Grabbed some house plants from Ikea. While driving, we considered reasons why they were so cheap there:

- The plants were grown by Chinese child slaves...
- ... and watered by their tears.
- ... while they had to sing national socialist songs in praise of Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad.
- The kids were also given electric shocks if the quarterly plant growing goals were not met.
- ... and if failing to do all above, they were crushed into fertilizer ingredients .
- ... by the other child slaves.

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@JackMeinoff Yes, I'm sure they're already looking into the possibility of growing plants by other plants.

@jabsonik i know that a product is good I can really feel the suffering it created while it was being made in a factory

@MischievousTomato I will never ever complain that our beautiful consumerist society lacks soul.

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