Could someone please confirm that I understood Google Map API pricing correctly?

It's free in mobile usage, right?

I'm making a little mobile app for Turku Comic Society, and we need a map in it. The society is so poor, they can't afford paying for map usage. But since it's a mobile app, using Google API is free, right?

The other choice is order a hand-drawn map from a member of the society. But we're on a tight schedule here...


To answer my own question: in this case no.

The requests made with Solar2d native MapView are listed as the non-free “Maps JavaScript API” calls at Google. (See the attached image.) You get free maps requests for 300 € when you register, but that gets used pretty fast.

Damn. So we need to do the hand-drawn map pic anyway.

Naively I expected the Solar2d native map api requests to register as “Maps SDK for Android” calls – which would be free of charge – but no. I wonder why it’s this way, tho.

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