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Ok, let's try a proper ...

I'm , living in , . I still play in bands, tho I just turned 50.

Preferred totems are and . worships the first god and follows the 2nd.

Whenever I have any money, I . On the trips I do some and bloggin' at

I also write all kinds of free-form shit at - such as , etc.

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Check out our massive / / / / / / / playlist on Spotify!

@kirjis and me have been carefully building it for ~7 years now. There's about a week's worth of music on the list, but it's still growing every other day or so.

And it's a collaborative list, so feel free to throw in your favorite funky tunes. (No complete albums, plz.)

Yeaah... I wish I could just hitchhike away from this shitstorm...

Whew, more technical hassles than last time... Lotsa load on our house network! Lotsa ppl spending a Friday at home & interwebsin' I guess...

... but we're still online! Welcome to

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The Third DJ War™ between DJ Sad Vicious and yours truly today 21:00 (GTM +3) @

Featuring VJ Long John Silverscreen!


On this day in 1973, The Beatles released their 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 albums.
Or the red and blue albums. Whatever you call it, every single song, an absolute classic.


Animal Crossing

Wikipedia: “The Alexamenos graffito is a piece of Roman graffiti scratched in plaster on the wall of a room near the Palatine Hill in Rome, which has now been removed and is in the Palatine Hill Museum. [...] The image seems to show a young man worshipping a crucified, donkey-headed figure. The Greek inscription approximately translates to ‘Alexamenos worships [his] god,’ indicating that the graffito was apparently meant to mock a Christian named Alexamenos.”

Here is an interesting article for all the #amateurradio ops out there. NASA put a secret message on the mars 2020 rover!

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