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Check out our massive / / / / / / playlist on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and Deezer!

@kirjis and me have been building it for ~7½ years now. It’s still growing every other day or so. (Deezer & YouTube mirrors once a week.)

Feel free to throw in your favorite funky tunes. (No albums, plz.)

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Ok, let's try a proper ...

I'm , living in , . I still play in bands, tho I just turned 50.

Preferred totems are and . worships the first god and follows the 2nd.

Whenever I have any money, I . On the trips I do some and bloggin' at

I also write all kinds of free-form shit at - such as , etc.

Amazing.. Service dog trained to protect owner’s head when she has a seizure

🔊 The Kubrick Test (43m20s)

"Kerry Shale’s drama tells the true story of his encounter with one of cinema’s most influential figures.

Stanley #Kubrick...known for an exhaustively detailed working process and utter lack of compromise.

For many years, the great director’s methods were shrouded in mystery. So when, in 1987, a young actor gets an invitation to enter Kubrick’s hidden world, he leaps at it. And, of course, gets more than he bargained for."

#film #bbc

What's everybody's work is nobody's tomorrow. #proverbs

Fun photography tip: floppy disks are infrared pass filters and your mobile phone camera might be sensitive to the near IR that passes through.

Сумки, Республика Марий Эл | Sumki, Mari El Republic, 2013.
(c) Evgeniy Petrachkov

#closeuprussia #evgeniypetrachkov #rf #photography


I ran across a really bad singer/musician on YouTube, but I have to give him high marks for having one of the best band names ever: Crywank. And one of the best album titles, too: "Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid."

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