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Ok, let's try a proper ...

I'm , living in , . I still play in bands, tho I just turned 50.

Preferred totems are and . worships the first god and follows the 2nd.

Whenever I have any money, I . On the trips I do some and bloggin' at

I also write all kinds of free-form shit at - such as , etc.

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Check out our massive / / / / / / / playlist on Spotify!

@kirjis and me have been carefully building it for ~7 years now. There's about a week's worth of music on the list, but it's still growing every other day or so.

And it's a collaborative list, so feel free to throw in your favorite funky tunes. (No complete albums, plz.)

Sleep apnea w/CPAP gear, night 2 

Continuing editing the music video for Kivireki.

Now, by the abundance of excellent archive footage, my own shots from last year’s trip thru pale in comparison. :-P

Well, at least I don’t need to fill gaps with my ugly face anymore. Felt like an idiot while walking around the Muzeon park in in the morning... singing the song and filming myself like some sort of a total -fanatic gone mad.

Whoa. Mandalorian used realtime Unreal Engine rendered backgrounds in scenes. While acting, the actors saw the same visuals as we while watching the end-result.

Food containers. 

"Back to the Future" writer Bob Gale says no to reboot: "You don't sell your kids into prostitution"

Finally, someone who has the courage not to ruin their legacy for a handful of dollars.

For the last 25 years or so, I haven't had a credit card, because debit cards work just as well, and I read all these stories of how bad credit cards are, and I had a few friends declare bankruptcy. But last year, with all the air travel I did, I decided to sign up for one o' them airline cards pushed on a flight that gives a 60,000 mile bonus. But then I was REJECTED, because I had no credit score, because being responsible and never being in debt gives you "bad" credit. On a later flight I was offered the same card, and I applied again, and was again rejected.

So I got a stupid credit card and started buying things with it.
And then of course I got offers in the mail for airline credit cards, and got one of those.
And on my last flight, the coveted 60,000-mile-bonus card was offered again, and I applied again, and I got it, because I have proven I am a chump who will add needless complexity and vulnerability to my life in pursuit of slightly more comfort on environment-destroying plane rides and airport visits. Yay me!

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